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  God's gift of Salvation, can be yours. This very moment, If you accept Jesus as the Lord of your life , And believe with all your heart,
That He paid for your sins on the cross , Pray a simple prayer , like the one below, Say the words, with your mouth, Don't be ashamed,
this is the most important decision you'll ever make , and have faith That Father God hears you through Jesus.
Now is the time, Today is
the day
 "Father God in the Name of Jesus, I confess the Lord Jesus,  And believe in my heart, that You Father God, raised Jesus Christ
from the dead, And now, I thank you Father God, that I am Saved,
  According to Your Word in the Holy Bible   (Romans 10:9)
"Amen"  "Congratulations"  you are now saved ! According to the written Word in (Romans 10:9)  Live your life for the Will of the
"Living God" and believe that Jesus paid for our sins on the "Cross"  be saved from hell and receive "Eternal Life"   " God so Loved
the world ,that He gave His one and only Son, That whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish But have "Eternal Life" (John 3:16)    
Today, If you Have accepted Jesus Christ as
Lord of your life, and personal "Savior" you must always believe and have faith that you
are saved from hell by the Grace of "God" through Jesus Christ. Ask Jesus with your mouth to forgive your sins and He will.  "Jesus"
commanded also to be
Baptised, . by water, Any minister should perform this total immersion, free of charge. Pray Everyday for He is
with you always and hears your Prayers, And repent, (
Turn away from sin) for you are new in Jesus.  Church will rejoice with you in
the most important time of your life accepting "Jesus", into your heart and being born again.  E-mail
(church@wv-family-help-ministry.org)   and receive a blessing from the Pastor ,     You are invited to join, and become a member.
"May God bless all who reads these words"     
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