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E-mail  (church@wv-family-help-ministry.org)
Any member, that believes to have a calling to the ministry, and to become  an official Ordained Minister,                                                                                                            
Must read and believe in the
Apostle's Creed (click here) Enter full name, current address, Statement of Faith, E-mail your request to Pastor .                                                
The newly ordained member will receive his/her official letter of ordination to e-mail address on record. Ordination is a lifetime commission, And must be kept Holy
West Virginia Church of Christ Family Help Ministry International ,                                                                                                                                
Will officially ordain any
Member , who has accepted Christ , as His or Her , personal Savior, and feels called into the Christian Ministry.            
Free Ordinations are issued through the Church to its Members.  
Membership   is free and is required by the Church for ordinations .             
Legally use the title Reverend, Pastor, or similar title before name and perform ;                                                                                                           
ll standard Christian services , Including the rites of Marriage and Baptism.
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For legality and reality of Ordinations
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