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West Virginia Church of Christ Family Help Ministry, Helping familys to recovery  in their time of most desperate need, direct
contact, Church donations, spiritual and financial support. (501) (c) 3 non-proft  Church.   Financial Donations from the public are
greatly appreciated and  accepted on this page or Mail your donations to;                                                                                        
West Virginia Family Help Ministry  P.O. Box 4017  Grafton, West Virginia 26354                                                                 
Donations, and contributions, currency, vehicles (any type), land, houses, buildings, and other items not listed, will be valued at fair
market price and are tax deductible, and donors will recieve written acknowlegement reciept for tax purposes.*2014                         
All contributions will go to ministry programs and familys in need. Perhaps you know a family in need? You can e-mail Church at;
( ) "Help Us,Help Others"                                                                                                    
Thank you ,and God Bless,  Senior Pastor  Charles M. Eskridge Ph.D. ( )
(c) 2001 -2015 West Virginia Church of Christ Family Help Ministry International
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