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Mark 16:15
"Jesus said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to all creation."
2Timothy 4:2
"Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke, and
encourage - with great patience and careful instruction."
2Timothy 4:5
"But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an
evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry."
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Auguste                                                                                Johnny   
Basham                                                                                David J.                                                              Baugus
Jr.                                                                                           Marvin    
Christy L. Biron                                                                      Paul E.     
Bjerke                                                                                      Peter    
Boyer                                                                                    Dennis                                                             
III                                                                                          Julian S.
Bray                                                                                       Jack
L.   Byrd                                                                                   Patrick A.  
Brazeal                                                                                     Terry       
Carroll                                                                              Chaplain Mike  
Clark                                                                                    Ralph N.  
John                                                                                       Casteel   
Chambers                                                                            Michelle                                                               
                                                                                      John Carlos  
Daniel   Daily                                                                         Kevin E.    
Dearing                                                                                   Jeffrey L.      
Donley                                                                                   Chad Eric  
Downs                                                                                    Richard L.
Duncan                                                                                Christopher
A.                                                                                          Timothy  S.    
Erba                                                                                        Wilfredo  
Erba                                                                                     Bryant C.    
Finney                                                                               Lisa Thomas  
Fravel                                                                                    Sharon K.  
Gibson                                                                                    Russell D  
Hammack                                                                                   Dennis Harwell
Sr.                                                                                           Walter A.
Brandon R.  Hofman                                                              Susan Annette  
Hogan                                                                                     Daniel J.    
Horace                                                                                    Robert   
Hulse                                                                                      Launa M.  
Leonard                                                                                  David M.  
Lilly                                                                                           James    
Liss                                                                                            Gary      
Main                                                                                Timothy M.    
Malony                                                                               Timothy   
Marshalls                                                                              Earl G.  
Mcneer                                                                               Jeffrey E.
Sanberg                                                                            Rebecca Sherry Lynn
Mittag                                                                                   Pierre P.  
Nam                                                                                   Cheng Chen      
Neville                                                                                 Ronald    
O'Brien                                                                                Brenda    
O'Brien                                                                                Patrick   
O'Kelly                                                                              James E.  
Olakunle                                                                          Olabiyi  A.  
Owens                                                                              Edward L.   
Parsons                                                                               Deborah  
Perry                                                                                    Robert L.
Peters                                                                                       Bruce      
Phillips                                                                              Michael C.
Pineau                                                                             Raymond P.    
Polanco                                                                             Onelvia C.      
Powell                                                                                 Robert                    
Randolph                                                                          Andrea R.
Raymond G                                      Raymond                                                           
Rivera                                                    Victor                                                             
Rush                                                                                     Linda S.  
Russell                                                                                 James C.  
Schermuly                                                                               Gregg   
Stachowski                                                                            Richard     
Szlachetka                                                                               Cheryl      
Tan                                                                                     Jacqueline   
Tony                                                                                         Taylor
Tharayil                                                                          Dr. Davis G.  
Thomas                                                                                       Lisa  
Travers                                                                                Donald K.
Turner                                                                                     Danny  
Turner                                                                                         Tim     
Turner                                                                                      Glenn   
Vance                                                                             Randolph Jr.  
Vargas                                   Humberto                                                                      
Billy                                                                                         West
Weaver                                                                              Carol Ann    
White                                                                                      Philip  
Wilbur                                                                                  Regel L.  
Wilbur                                                                                 Robert M.   
Williams                                                                                Billy W.   
Williams                                                                                Sondja  
Woods                                                                                  Ingemar      
Yose                                                                                    Kevin  E.
Young                                                                                 Darrell D.
Young                                                                                     Robert