Membership Certificate
Now you can proudly display your membership, In this unique ministry with our new Membership Certificate. This full color
certificate is printed on fine quality parchment paper, And includes your name and date of membership, and the beautiful
coat-of-arms and seal of this ministry. Measures 11 x 8.5 inches, suitable for framing.
Certificate of Ordination
Certificate serves as an authoritative testimony of your commitment to the ministry, A visible statement of your integrity.
Title Certificates
These certificates, allow you to select the ordination title, Most representative of the Christian work in which you are involved.             
By Church authority.
Church Charter Certificate
The West Virginia Church Of Christ is committed to helping you start your own church with this Independent Church Charter.
You'll be proud to display this Charter, granted with full rights and privileges, in your home or church office.
Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree
An honorary degree awarded for life experience based on your written testimony.
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